Angie's Place offers a wide range of books that help children of all ages understand and cope with their hospital experience, reduce the trauma and stress of being in a hospital, and help them come to terms with their emotions. For example, children who may have difficulty expressing themselves might be able to find their feelings depicted in books, giving them a voice. Books can also simply give these young patients a pleasant diversion from the treatments they may

be receiving.


Keep a Little Courage in Your Pocket

Angie's Place has developed its own children's book entitled "Keep a Little Courage in Your Pocket" about the use of this children's hospital library for coping. Heartfelt and playful, it covers a wide range of children's hospital experiences and how Angie's Place can uplift young patients' spirits. It's written by Kate Schwan, former Child Life Specialist, and illustrated by Isaac Klunk.

Books That Heal